1. "Soup!":

Modeled in Maya, textured in Substance Painter, Fluid sim/steam FX created in Houdini, rendered in Mantra. My very first foray into Flip fluids, and it went pretty smoothly! I utilized the new Flip/SOP workflow introduced in 19.5 which streamlined a lot of the setup. I also utilized the velocity field from the fluid to add particles such as oil droplets and parsley to the soup.

2. "Twin Sparks" Short Film

Twin Sparks is Heather Yun and I's SVA senior thesis film set to come out in Spring 2023! I've always been inspired by stylized 3D, and am super excited show off all I've learned about the medium in this film! I'm responsible for the shading, lighting, and FX in the film, which was done in a combination of Houdini, Blender, and Nuke. 

There are a number of FX based solutions I came up with for the film, including a procedural bush and tree generator to populate the forest, as well as a custom look for the fire in the film using Vellum simulations to drive the motion of each flame!

3. Four Items Three Ways:

A short personal project seeing how I could use Houdini attributes to shade in Maya/Arnold. I wanted to try it out with some unconventional shaders, so I did a jade shader and a donut shader! Models were acquired from TurboSquid.

Music is "I Lost All My Eggs" by Shawn Wasabi.