1. Liquid Motion - Animated in Photoshop.

2. Hellosaurus - Redesigned the Hellosaurus mascot to be friendlier and more engaging for kids. Worked with founding designer Zack Davenport to ensure that the design had the proper appeal and unique qualities to make it stand out from its competitors. Created in Adobe Illustrator.

3. City Stomp - 3D buildings animated in Maya with a 360 camera, 2D animation created in Blender's Grease Pencil.

4. Cooling Off - 3D render created in Maya and Redshift, composited over a still I took on my own apartment rooftop.

5. Mitchells vs. The Machines - Unofficial title animation created for Mitchells vs. The Machines, inspired by the color and whimsy from the movie. Created in After Effects.

6. The Devil - Tarot card illustration brought to life using parallax. Illustration created in Photoshop, animation created in Blender.

7. Time in a Tree - Unofficial lyric video of Time in a Tree by Raleigh Ritchie, created in After Effects. Additional cloud assets created in Blender.

8. 3D Tracking - 3D tracked elements composited over footage, created in After Effects.

9. Sidekick - Unofficial lyric video of Sidekick by underscores. 3D animation created in Houdini, text animation added in After Effects.

10. Rotoscope and Tracking - Rotoscoping exercise placing graphics and tracking elements on top of footage. Created in After Effects.

11. Group Introduction - Girl group introduction created in After Effects.

12. Moving Illustration - Illustration created in Photoshop, additional animated elements created in After Effects. 3D elements composited on top were created in Blender.

Music is Marble Soda by Shawn Wasabi.