On this German cuckoo clock, the wooden figurines' daily lives revolve around the hourly train. What happens when their routine breaks?

“WANDUHR” was a five-week long project, during which the directors sought to create a story focusing on a train. All aspects were made by SVA sophomores Winnie Mai, Ollie Yao, and Kaitlin Yu. Special thanks to Brendan Gallagher, Jimmy Calhoun, and the BFA Computer Art department for all the support.


Ollie Yao - Storyboarding, Character Design/Texture/Animation, Video Editing

Kaitlin Yu - Set Design/Modeling, Clock Design/Modeling, Texturing, Compositing

Winnie Mai - Train Design/Modeling/Texturing, Lighting, Rigging

Length: 3:01 minutes

Completion Date: December 17, 2019


Maya, Substance Painter, Arnold, After Effects, Nuke

About the Directors:

OLLIE YAO is an animator and 3D modeler raised in Albany and based in New York City. He is currently a sophomore at the School of Visual Arts, majoring in computer art and animation. Away from the computer, he enjoys taking ballet classes, painting, and finding new boba places to try.

WINNIE MAI is currently a sophomore at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. She's studying both 2D and 3D, specializing in visual development, illustration, modeling, texturing, and lighting. She is also a Women in Animation co-lead at SVA and organizes industry themed events for her fellow peers to promote the advancement of women in the industry. Her hobbies include laying on the floor with her dogs and hoarding coffee and art books.

KAITLIN YU is a passionate CG artist based in NYC, specializing in environment modeling and character animation. She is currently studying at the School of Visual Arts in NYC, where she founded and coordinates the Asian American Student Union in order to strengthen the network of Asian American artists at SVA. When she's not at the computer labs, she's exploring the city for new food to try, listening to film scores, or bouldering at her local gym.

Character Concepts: