What happens when you grow up, and realize you might not like who you turn into?

OUTGROW was created in 2020 quarantine, from May to September. Our team was small at first, but quickly grew in size. The story was driven by my own personal experience of moving back into my parents' house, and reminiscing on my childhood. When you're a kid, you don't really realize you'll become an adult someday. When you do, there's always the fear that you'll become someone you don't like. This film highlights one kid's short journey to realizing that he's not alone, and that lots of people will help him become a good person.

To emulate a stop-motion feel, we combined realistic textures with stylized character models. All set modeling was done in Maya, and characters were sculpted in ZBrush. The film was rendered on twos in Arnold, effectively cutting our render time in half, to further push the stop-motion style. Finishing touches and compositing were done in After Effects.


Ollie Yao - Director, Story, Previs, Texturing, Concept

Mav Vitale - Story, Concept, Character Modeling, Rigging, Texturing

Ben Meyer - Rigging, Animation

Kaitlin Yu - Previs, Animation

Heather Yun - Animation

Alex Yun - Modeling, Lighting/Rendering, Compositing

Deniz Mani - Modeling, Lighting/Rendering, Compositing

Westine Leung - Concept/Color Keys, Lighting/Rendering

Jacob Fanto - Music

Length: 3:32 minutes

Completion Date: September 26th, 2020


Maya, Substance Painter, Arnold, After Effects, Nuke


Early Sketches: