Hi! I'm Ollie, a NYC based artist and creator! I make apparel and merchandise in a variety of mediums, including silkscreen, risograph printing, acrylic charms, washi tape, and more!

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where i've been:

Anime NYC 2022, with @caramoccii and @glihttr

Miami Supercon 2023, with @cyndachoo

Flame Con 2022, with @caramoccii and @oolongcreama

Lil Park Drag Show, with @oolongcreama

what i make:

Hunter X Hunter Silkscreened Sweatshirt

Acrylic Charms

Washi Tape

Art Prints

Risograph Prints

Death Note Silkscreened T-Shirt

Legend of Zelda Silkscreened Sweatshirt